For Success: Learn to Relax

A quick one from our Florence Scovel Shinn:

“Lovelock, the celebrated English athlete, was asked how to obtain his speed and endurance in running. He replied, ‘Learn to relax.’ let us attain this rest in action. He was most relaxed when running the fastest.”

A very aaffirming day and vibing a big sleep tonight. ♡

See you soon. x

To Succeed, Learn to Relax

Here’s a quick post from my phone,  since 


I felt so strongly to put something here tonight. I’d love to tell you slot my day, but it will have to wait until I’m back on internet-computer-typing. It’s been great. Very affirming. 



From Florence Scovel Shinn:

“Lovelock, the celebratied English athelete, was asked how to attain his speed and endurance in running. He replied,  ‘Learn to relax.’ Let us attain this rest in action. He was most relaxed when running the fastest.”



Rest is action.  Giving is receiving. Trust ’em.


Back with ya soon! 

The Therapy Booth has Moved!

Dear Wonderful Friends,

You can now meet me in the booth at I’ll be moving some of these posts over there and also writing lots of fresh ones. Looking forward to sharing adventures, love, rest, relaxation, dancing and doodling with you.

I have loved having this blog and am so excited at the natural growth of the world of the Booth. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of that.



The Therapy Booth at the MoCarnival This Sunday (8/19) in Austin!

Hi friends! The Therapy Booth is happy to be joining with some wildly creative friends this weekend in Austin to celebrate MoLove! Check out the details below and join us!
MoCome One ~ MoCome All ~ To MoCanival 2012Motropolis Presents a MoRoadtrip ProductionThe MoLiv’n Tour MoCARNIVAL

Psychedelic Garden – The Art of Ecstatic Living


Special Attractions:

Meet the Ambassador at the MoEmbassy
DonJon’s SoapBox
The Crackpot Sideshow
The Throne of Insanity
& MO, MO, MO!

Sunday, August 19th 2012
The Butterfly Bar (Backyard)
2307 Manor Rd Austin, TX

MoFree! – Yeah MO!
(*MoFree: a pay-what-you-want donation to Motropolis: we accept pocket change:-)

MoCarnival Tickets – 3 for a $1

Bring a Gift for the Free Table.

The MoLiv’n Tour MoCARINIVAL is the kickoff event for the 3rd annual Motropolis MoRoadtrip to Burning Man. This year donations support our official Motropolis Burning Man Theme Camp dedicated to spreading the message of MoLiv’n: The Art of Ecstatic Living.

RSVP on facebook:
(*maximum capacity 300)

More About Motropolis:
(*Meet Human Beings)See You at the MoCarnival;-)

One MoLove,

Your MoFriends.

(*MoCarnival is a leave-no-trace event.)

Join the MoCarnival and Earn MoBucks!

The MoCarnival provides a venue for you to showcase your passion to the community at no cost.

If you have an carnival attraction, music act, burlesque performance, Art, craft, food specialty, or even a cause, or community, or endeavour that brings MoLiv’n to the people of Austin, you will earn ⅔ of all tickets you attract. Main stage acts share the other ⅓ of tickets sold.

Spread the MoLove: Join the MoCarnival

New Creative Freedom Classes July 14 & 21

These classes are held in Austin, Texas. If you are interested in classes in your town – or via web – email me at

Creative Freedom Classes

“I loved the exercises and it’s been a healing time — the time went to fast! I so enjoyed being open and genuine!” ~ A.C., Austin, TX

Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything. ~ George Lois

Choose from Sat July 14 or Sat July 21. Or come to both!

These July classes introduce a super fun musical element.
You won’t want to miss this.

You, too, can doodle pictures of your teacher (that’s me!) like one student did in the last class:

Here’s more feedback from the last class:

* Scrumptious! Sooo much fun!

* Very rewarding! So much more than CEUs.

* Excited to use these techniques with my clients in session or on my own to help center myself between appointments.

Join us for the next sessions of Creative Freedom
(in life and in therapy).

This class is open to everyone, and we provide
4 hours of CEUs to Social Workers and LPCs

About the class:

In our Creative Freedom classes, we engage in exercises that gently unleash all that’s held back and give color and voice and freedom to all of our sweet little nooks and crannies that don’t usually get such love and affection. Every state is welcome. Every thought is welcome. Every rhyme, every doodle, every song.

In these classes, we’ll use writing exercises, doodling and a special musical activity; all of which can be used in both your personal and professional lives.

Please write or call me if you have any questions! I’m excited to be hosting this next round of classes. I know you’ll love them, too.

Sat. July 14, 1 – 5 pm
Sat. July 21, 1 – 5 pm

3355 Bee Caves, Suite 510, Austin 78746

Cost: $50 (4 hours of CEUs)

How to Register:

Please register in advance by clicking the Donation button on the home page to this site, and email to indicate which date you plan to attend.

A few simple supplies are required. Complete list given upon registration.

Registration is limited to 8 participants per class.
Call Carin at 847-732-0932 with questions.

People Can You Hear It? The Song is in the Air . . .

The Therapy Booth at the Peach Music Festival
Allman Brothers Band playing “Revival”

People can you feel it . . .

love is everywhere . . .

Today I sent another note to the organizers of the Peach Music Festival, a three-day event hosted by and featuring the Allman Brothers Band, with a weighty lineup of other terrific acts. The festival is coming up in August, and I’m giving it my best to have The Therapy Booth at the shows. What better central stop on the Friends of The Therapy Booth Summer Tour?

The original vision of The Therapy Booth features none other than the ABB jamming away as I sit in my Lucy-like hut, cowboy boots up on the table, givin’ a little therapy, doin’ a little dancin’.

Tonight I’m bringing the booth to a Laughter Yoga Tether Ball Beer and BBQ party. Fun, huh? Ausin’s great, and, strangely, I’m keen to take the booth out in this 105 degree weather. Strange!

Ever hopeful that we’ll get some of those shade chairs soon! Don’t they look great? I’ve been strategizing all spring and summer so far about how to get more shade for the booth. The right chairs would just do it. Excited!

This message is as rambling as the rambling I’m hoping to do with the booth. Thinking about how waiting til it’s perfect, until I know I’ll say it right, until I know I’ll succeed would keep me from ever doing anything. How ’bout you?

What could you jump into right now if no thoughts like that were holding you back?

Right now, I gotta go get ready to take the booth out into the natural sauna of Texas summer. Hope you’re cool enough – or warm enough – and relaxing!

Much love!

 . . . Can you feel it ?  . . .

Wear Your Now on Your Sleeve

Life is all-inclusive!

So is The Therapy Booth.

Sad? Come in!
Happy? Come in!
Worried? Come in!
Angry? Come in!
Excited? Come in!
Ambivalent? Come in!
Confused? Come in!
Encouraged? Come in!
Inspired? Come in!
Deflated? Come in!
Puffed up? Come in!

What’s your state?

Come on in . . .

Sometimes we’re in our shells of protection; other times we’re exposed, our insides feel like they’re on the outside, and the sprout of new green life breaks on through.

I had to smile while typing that. I wasn’t sure about the language I was using, talking about the sprout featured in the middle of the picture. But with a nod to my good friend Kat Dawes (beautiful and brilliant founder of Nowism – “Wear your Now on your sleeve!”), I wrote it out, and as I typed the word “breaks,” Bob Dylan sang the same word on my Stephen Stills Pandora station.

Come on in, Bob. What are you wearing on your sleeve?

Do I need anything to get started?

Brainstorming at Monsterlove

When I was living in my home state of Ohio, my mom and I had many meals at one of our favorite restaurants, the Bexley Monk. On their white paper tablecloths that covered the white linen, Mom and I had many a brainstorming session. I’m pretty sure we wrote a few grad school papers like that, too. Thank you for all the planning and pasta sessions, Mom!

This morning – actually, just after a phone call from said mom – I was at Monsterlove Art Studios with my friend and Monsterlove Mama, Sara Hasslinger. This napkin from the bagel store turned into a brainstorming sheet for the Friends of the Therapy Booth Summer Tour (now nicknamed The Unfindablility Tour). Stay tuned for further doodles on this topic!

As I’m typing this, I’m hearing a live interview with and jam from one of my favorite musicians, Steve Kimock, and his band, streaming on the radio from Ashville, North Carolina. Right now he’s saying (on the topic of not having an intention for an outcome):

“You know, it’s okay. We’re gonna float through this. We’ll see what says, ‘Yes,’ and we’ll go with that. Not a lot of willful, bending the thing to go my way kind of thing. Of course, between us, I’m in charge.”


Sounds familiar!

My favorite part of this morning’s inspired conversation is the question, “Do I need anything to get started?”

It showed me that I’m closer than I may have thought. Sara shared about a friend of hers who’s been traveling the world, and, rather than making videos on her fancy smart phone (which she and I don’t have right now), she’s making lots of videos on her point and shoot camera’s video settings. And I have one of those! Keep doodling and inspiring. Listen for what’s saying, ‘Yes,” and go with that.


p.s. Do you see The Therapy Booth in this picture? Hint: it’s under a tree.

p.p.s Thanks for calling today, Mom!

Love ya!